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of the War in Vietnam.  From the Delta to the DMZ.




Here you will find memories of the War in Vietnam brought to you by a Veteran of that war.  Thank you for visiting.

Please remember the lost and missing soldiers and sailors of the Vietnam War.

Here we seek to tell the story of the War from all perspectives.  We welcome Pictures and Stories and Poems.  This page is about you the Veterans of Vietnam, and I need your help to tell this story to a whole generation.  The war in Vietnam was criticized widely, yet we face the same problems today.  Those who fight in battle do so at the risk of losing their own lives and the ones that they hold dear.  That old axiom of war has changed little in thousands of years.

This site is about Veterans of the Vietnam War.  It's intent, though, is to relate the war to those who never served.  We need to understand what has happened in our history. Knowledge of the past is the most important thing of all.  Without knowing what has gone before, we will continue to make the same mistakes again.

Vets, I need your help to tell that story.

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We will never forget this day,
Nor the souls lost at the hands of our enemies.
It is We the People of the United States that defy them, and We stand United.

God Bless America

Of Blood and Sand

A Visit to Omaha Beach
by a Vietnam Vet

April, 2005

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