Mountain River

by Amando Alvarez


Mountain river take my soul,

Take it to the sea.

I saw you when a child,

When you frolicked and played with me.

And I saw you always come alive!

Alpine river cleanse my soul,

Take this cross from me,

And drag it, drag it to the sea.

Let your rapids come and go,

Come and go from me.

Your waters not the same;

What was once is far away,

Gone forever to the sea.

Wandering river take my thoughts,

Wash away my loneliness,

Take my memories and let them stray.

Majestic river, I am not the same.

We would play in younger virginal days,

Play and sing in your rapids pebble-paved.

Your sounding cataracts like maidens’ hair

Would mystify my moistened hungry stare.

But your waters roll on,

Roll away to the sepulchral sea.

Careless, thoughtless, senseless

To my aging bones:

My fading thoughts and memories.

And you, still young, coquettish and playful;

And I, blending, melding in your passage to the sea!!


Copyright 2002, Amando Alvarez, All Rights Reserved



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