By Bill E. McDonald

Five miles into jungle, near a town they called Cahm Bien
Three went up in a ball of fire, when a rocket whistled in
Now one went on to glory, another straight to Hell
The last returned across the pond to a place we called the “World”
See the strong survive so some of us have made it
Back into a world that never seemed to care
Cause’ I see some brothers livin’ in these alleys
Bearin’ hardship like we all shared over there 

“Brothers of the blood”
Fightin’ for our country while our country’s fightin’ us
“Brothers of the blood”
Well you may not know our names but we’re your “Brothers of the blood” 

And now my brother’s runnin’ through the jungles of the mind
Runnin’ into hopelessness, while runnin’ out of time
Searchin’ for some way out, Strugglin’ to be free
Tryin’ to find some peace of mind through pure insanity

Now he can’t remember life as being easy
Either fightin’ in a war or on the streets
But each night he prays to God he’ll find some comfort
Where’re you gonna’ run tonight? What you gonna’ eat? 

“Brothers of the blood”
You could have run to Canada instead of dying in Saigon
“ Brothers of the blood “
Unemployed or doin’ time or standin’ in some welfare line
“Brothers of the blood”
The Lord made us a promise a secret I will tell
“Brothers of the blood”
When we die we go to Heaven cause’ we’ve spent our time in Hell


 Bill E. McDonald served with the 377th S.P.S. Tan Son Nhut AFB, Saigon RVN  67-68

 Copyright Bill E. McDonald 1987, All Rights Reserved


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