Our dachshund's name was Dixie
We called her Dixie Doodle
I don't know why we started that,
Except it rhymed with poodle.

The yard in back was Dixie's lair
And she watched it like a hawk
Along the fence she made her rounds
Leaving a path where she always walked.

Sometimes she wanted in the house
When she was in the mood
She'd sit upright and beg for love
Or perhaps a bit of food.

We'd go to work and come back home
As is the modern trend
And Dixie met us at the door
All wags, and barks on seeing friends.

I loved that dog with all my heart
But at times she really vexed me
When God invented stubbornness
He gave it all to Dixie.

The years they came, the years they went
And they took our girl away.
We knew we'd lost the best of friends.
We miss her every day.

One thing about a dear old friend;
It's hard to say goodbye.
And when I think of Dixie, still
A tear comes to my eye.


Copyright 1991 William Norman Janes Sr. All Rights Reserved

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