For You
Johnny Hutcherson

You may not have wanted us to but we went for you.
Many did not know what war was, I had no clue.
But we left our wives and girl friends to go for you.
You were home eating Hamburgers and drinking cherry cokes, going to school and burning your draft cards,
watching us on TV and marching in the streets.
We were fighting for our lives, eating from cans and killing for you.

When we came home you didn't want to talk to us.
So we didn't tell anyone what we had seen or done.
We tried to forget and move on but we couldn't forget. You wouldn't let us! You called us names and said we were all dope addicts. Did you smoke dope in school? I didn't smoke dope, I fought for you.

Aug. 15,16,17, 1969 you had a big party at Woodstock USA
While you were smoking dope and popping pills
We were fighting for you, 75 young men died in those 3 days.

On May 4th 1970, four students were killed at Kent state. You blamed us for that too. Did you watch the news? Nothing was said about the 24 young men who died the same day, fighting for you.

Years later after a long fight with those in Washington of power. We were able to have a Black Wall to honor our friends who fought and died for you. Many came to the dedication but the President wasn't there, we didn't care. Because our Hero's names were there.

Later you said " Welcome Home". Was that for you? Or for us? Do you think those few words made everything Ok? Ok for the way you treated us. Did you think the hurt we feel inside would fade? Because of those few words you happen to say?

Yes we went FOR YOU. You should know this. We carry the guilt, the shame, and the blame for you. Because we killed FOR YOU and died for you. We will never forget what we did For You. Because we are proud we went for you.

Copyright 2003, Johnny Hutcherson.  All Rights Reserved


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