I remember a war oh so far away
As if it was just yesterday

I remember the times and places
But not the names or the faces

 I remember when you ate a meal
How it made you feel

 I remember working at night
To avoid the fright

 I remember the EVAC hospital being as active as a pair of bee hives
And the loss of so many lives

 I remember the company clown who took his life
Because another man took his wife

 I remember the incoming mortars and rockets
And the men who had pictures in little lockets

 I remember when we moved, at the airfield for seven days I was stuck
With nowhere to sleep but under the truck

 I remember the very young girl that I had to kill
And I always will

 I remember the days and days of rain
But can remember nothing that will ease the pain

 I remember the drinking to forget
And wish now that drinking would make me forget

 I remember hearing the freedom birds as they came and went every day
And on the day my turn came, feeling as though I was running away

I remember all the men I left there, that I considered to be friends of mine
And hoping they would be fine

 I remember the good times and the bad
And that over there was the last breath many a man had

 I remember going and looking into the gates of HELL
And hoping everything will be well

I remember how I was before I went there
But to be like that again there is no prayer

 I remember, I remember, I remember
But how I wish I could forget what I remember

  Larry R. Southerland Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved



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