Stuck Together At The Heart
Diana Aaron


Don't tell me He is 'dead and gone'; He is my brother-don't you understand!
I love him, my Dear beloved friend.
My Brother - killed to calm the storm around us on the homeland.
He brushed away my tears for years.
He was the one who held my hand when I could not stand the pain.
He understood my disappointments.
He knew my secrets.
He shared my moments, my memories of our babyhood.
It grieves me now- still twenty years and more.
I wish so bad to see him.  Yes, now even more. 

I want to sit on the steps like we used to do and tell each other all. 
And then we would walk down the hall, hand in hand.
Closer than cream on Oreo cookies- stuck together at the heart. 
So, No!
Don't tell me he is 'dead and gone'.
He is gone from earth; no longer here to see, but in the evenings late, he comes to visit me.

Don't get stressed, Sis.
There is no need, for I have rest at Jesus' knee.
Keep the peace, Sis, and do forgive.
Don't hold on too tight - learn to live!
I'll see you in your dreams again and we will sit on the steps and reminisce
The details of every event, the turns, the skips, and
The choices that you made.
Sis, remember to live every day with care
So when it's your time, you can share with me all the things you did.
We will then have all the time we need.
So, carry on with the things you have to do, and just remember
I'll be waiting here for you, when you cross over - 'dead and gone'. 


I wrote this poem in memory of my Brother, Michael Ray Peddle, Marine,
who died July 5th, 1970 in Nam. We miss him still.

Copyright 2001, Diana Aaron, All Rights Reserved


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